Introducing Our First Holbrook Members

How Can You Participate?


The Rotary Club of Orlando has established the J.P. Holbrook Award to recognize those members committed to our contributions in our community.

J.P. Holbrook was the first president of the Rotary Club of Orlando in 1920. He was a citrus grower and developer of Edgewater Heights, a residential area around Lake Adair. Apparently, Mr. Holbrook was quite a colorful individual who wore a cowboy hat every day. He died at the age of 76 after 41 years of service in Rotary.

Perhaps more important than Mr. Holbrook being the first president of the Rotary Club of Orlando was his leadership of our club's participation in the central fundraising organization for all charities in our community. This central fundraising organization became the Community Chest. It is because of Mr. Holbrook's dedication to commuity giving that we have established the J.P. Holbrook Award.





Thank You To All Of Our Foundation Donors.

On the Holbrook Path in 2013

  • James Kelly
  • Danielle Krise
  • Roger Jacobson
  • Don Lykkebak
  • Stewart Marshall
  • Bert McCowan
  • Walt Nason
  • Ross Oppenheimer
  • Greg Pace
  • Judd Peterson
  • Rod Rodman
  • Tom Schneider
  • Jody Walker
  • William Wilson

On the Holbrook Path in 2012

  • Greg Pace
  • Tom Schneider


Each member contributing $500 to the Rotary Club of Orlando Foundation becomes a J.P. Holbrook Member. Contributions can be made in increments as well as a single $500 gift. Members will be recognized at a club meeting and awarded the J.P. Holbrook plaque, pin and certificate.

Holbrook Members

  • Mary Ann Dean
  • Heidi Isenhart
  • Lawrence Kirkwood

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