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Our Wild Horse Tales Program will begin starting next week! 

Wild Horse Tales is a horse-themed literacy program we sponsor at five Orange County Elementary Schools. Our club and foundation sponsor all of the first graders at ACE Parramore, Eccleston, Rock Lake, Washington Shores, and Ivey Lane Elementary Schools to put them through this literacy program. 

Each of the first graders at these schools get to participate in the following events:

  • Receive a book of their very own, distributed by Rotarians
  • "First Touch" - Meet an Orange County Sherriff and their horse on their campus, and get a chance to pet the horse
  • Receive a second book of their own!
  • Attend a Field Trip to the Orange County Sheriff Stables to learn and read about horses--including getting to interact with them.

The Wild Horse Tales Program is supported by classroom activities with the teachers and promotes literacy, learning, and a positive experience with our Orange County Sheriffs. It is a great program and we encourage lots of Rotarian participation! 

We like to have one or two Rotarians at each of these events to promote a Rotary presence and create a relationship with the students. Volunteers at book distrubution events will help hand out books to each child, and volunteers at the "First Touch" and field trip events will help chaperone the students. 

You do not need to be signed up to volunteer with Orange County for any of these events except for the off-campus field trip. If you sign up for a field trip, Jon Stine or Jamie Sooter can help you get registered to chaperone through OCPS. For all other events, please bring a photo ID to the school front office. 

Book distribution and First Touch events are approximately an hour-long commitment. The field trips are about a three-hour commitment. 

Please consider volunteering with our Wild Horse Tales Literacy Program! Click the "Volunteer" button on the left side of the screen to sign up.

Sign-ups are currently open for the first book distributions and the "First Touch" events. More dates in December and January will be added soon. 

IMPORTANT: When you sign up, please note the specific school. We hold these events at five elementary schools in Orange County. The addresses are listed below. 

ACE Parramore Elementary School701 W Livingston St, Orlando, FL 32805

Eccleston Elementary School - 1500 Aaron Ave, Orlando, FL 32811

Rock Lake Elementary School - 408 N Tampa Ave, Orlando, FL 32805

Washington Shores Elementary School - 944 W Lake Mann Dr, Orlando, FL 32805

Ivey Lane Elementary School - 209 Silverton St, Orlando, FL 32811