Friends Forever, Feb 2007.  This project involved hosting 10 youth from Northern Ireland, 5 Catholic and 5 Protestants to build their friendships. The program lasted 10-14 days in which the teens were forced to live, work and play together.  Orlando Rotarians entertained them in their homes and businesses.  The 10 youth enjoyed our local tourist attractions, our culture, our government and our economy while continuing to go through group sessions of problem solving and group resolution.  Guiding forces behind this project were Dick Crabtree and Tom Olsen.  Total cost was $18,000, DDF was $1,400.  In kind gifts; housing, meals and tourist attractions are included in total.
Ivey Lane Elementary 5th Grade,  April 2007.  A field trip to Tallahassee, Florida where thirty students took buses to our state capital to observe our government and learn the history of the State of Florida.  Club President Jim Stowers worked with Ivey Lane Elementary personnel to cover the remaining cost of this trip for these students.  Total cost was $1,578, DDF was $1,578.