Joint Terroism Task Force
Mar 28, 2019
Michael Verdi
Joint Terroism Task Force

Supervisory U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer (SCBPO) Michael Verdi is a twenty six year veteran of law enforcement.  He began his law enforcement career in 1993 when he entered the New York City Hospital Police Academy and graduated with the highest grade point average for his academy class.  After graduation, he was assigned to the agency’s 11th division in Brooklyn, NY and in early 1996 he was promoted to detective. 

Later in 1996, he left the Hospital Police and joined the U.S. Customs Service serving in a support role until 1998 when he was promoted to a U.S. Customs Inspector and was assigned to John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City.  During this assignment, he worked in a variety of units including the Anti-Terrorism Contraband Enforcement Team and the Outbound Currency Enforcement Team.  In 1999, SCBPO Verdi became a certified Federal instructor and began teaching the U.S. Customs Service’s National Outbound Currency Interdiction Training, an advanced training program certified by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), earning him the agency’s Best Practice Award.

In 2003, U.S. Customs Service was incorporated into the new U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency under the Department of Homeland Security.  That year, SCBPO Verdi transferred to the Port of New York/Newark.  While in Port New York/Newark, he was assigned to the Counter Terrorism Response Team and became an instructor for the CBP Air Passenger Anti-Terrorism Training.

 In 2008, he was promoted to a CBP Supervisory Officer and supervised a variety operational units.  In 2010, he was assigned to the New York Field Office as the Supervisor of the CBP Tactical Analytical Unit, a Field Intelligence Unit responsible for intelligence collection and distribution for all CBP ports within New York and New Jersey.  This unit frequently supported other agency investigations pertaining to human and drug trafficking, money laundering, terrorism, and transnational organized crime.

In 2014, SCBPO Verdi was assigned by CBP as a Liaison to the Northern New Jersey High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force, supporting high level domestic and international drug trafficking and money laundering investigations.  While in this capacity, he earned the New Jersey Narcotics Enforcement Officer’s annual Guns, Gangs and Drugs award three years in a row, and was cited by the Federal Executive Board of Metropolitan Northern New Jersey with an honorable mention for their annual Enforcement/Security/Investigative Award in 2015.

In May, 2017; SCBPO Verdi transferred to the CBP Area Port of Orlando, where he initially was assigned as a CBP Liaison with the Drug Enforcement Administration before being assigned to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in Orlando in October, 2018.

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