The Development of Church Street Station
Dec 06, 2018
Bob Snow
The Development of Church Street Station

In the late sixties Bob Snow started Rosie O’Grady’s  Good Time  Emporium in a derelict area of downtown Pensacola, Florida.  This effort resulted in Seville Quarter, an entertainment and dining  complex which is still the largest tourist attraction between New  Orleans and Orlando and is considered the first urban entertainment complex in  America. About the same time, he started Rosie O’Grady’s  Flying Circus, and as the chief skywriter and  balloon pilot, spread the goodtime word across the  skies of America with this exciting nostalgic aerial extravaganza. With world class balloonist Col. Joe Kittinger, his VP of Flight  Operations he flew gas and hot air balloons across America, Europe,  Australia, Africa, and Russia.  Together, as the USA team, they won a  number of national and world competitions, and set some world records  in the  process. In 1972, Bob put together a larger operation in  Orlando, Florida which became Church Street  Station, the fourth largest tourist attraction in  Florida.  At one point the complex employed  over 900 people and was the largest privately  owned food and beverage operation in the  country when he sold it in 1990.

Both operations were credited with the total downtown revitalization and restoration of their respective  cities. Bob subsequently opened the Main Street Station Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas,  Nevada and then moved back to Orlando to create his worldwide project consulting  company, Snow & Associates. Bob has worked on joint venture development projects with his friend Jim Rouse’s Enterprise Development  Company in cities around the world.  Together with Jim, he has worked on the design and development of  numerous urban entertainment and casino projects including MGM, Harrah’s, RKO Pictures, Station  Casino, Universal Studios, and Main Street Station. He has received numerous architectural and civic awards including the  Florida Businessman of the Year, the John Young Award, and the Synergy  Award from The Society of American Registered Architects. The City of Orlando dedicated a prominent downtown street, “Bob Snow  Lane”, in his honor in 1992.  Bob lives with his wife Linda in Orlando.